We like our lives to be full of wonderful experiences we can share, not of expensive items we can brag with. The objects can bring happiness, but they wax old or go out of style, while experiences are an inexhaustible source of happiness, through memories. Therefore, we want to travel, meet new people and discover amazing places.

We are available for destination weddings, engagements, couple sessions, elopments or proposals. Contact us and let's create a beautiful story together.


MOMONDO is a useful tool in identifying the most affordable flights to your favorite destination. If you don't have a favorite destination, just fill in the flights dates, and the site will display possible destinations, in descending order of the price.

PS: Momondo deals with stopovers and we take care of your good humor.

If you're from Bucharest, we recommend you TRAVELATOR, which sends us constantly  recommendations for DIY trips.

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